New Construction/Renovations: We have been very happy with the work of architect Roberto Millán, he can be reached at 01 376 766 3771 or cell 0133 13403758. He speaks English and does a lot of work in Guadalajara and Ajijic. We watched him build a friend’s new house and were very impressed with the price, the quality and professionalism of the workmanship.

We met with him; he was interested in our plans and helped us clarify and design what we wanted. We got scale drawings of the proposed work, a detailed 5 page contract, in English, spelling out the specs and materials, and the time frame to completion, the payments are in stages with dates arranged in advance. He has a good maestro who keeps the crew on task. His workers are courteous and industrious. And the crew depending on what stage of work you are at may number up to ten workers. At the end of each day they sweep and clean up all debris, not leaving you with a mess of bits and pieces. The job should be done by mid June. We had only one holdup. Blue door, the tile factory that made all the other tile in the house was out of many of the tiles we chose for upstairs. We had a three-week wait for them to make the tile at the factory. Otherwise we would have made the June 6 completion date. So far we have had none of the horror stories others have told us about construction and we are very pleased with the quality of the work.