Kowet House

Roberto Millán redesigned the kitchen of a friend of ours in La Floresta. Our friend was so pleased with the quality of Mr. Millán’s work that he recommended the architect to us.

Subsequently, Mr. Millán planned and executed a redesign of the front of our house, located at 5 Cerrada del Arroyo, in the neighborhood of Villa Nova. The project included the excavation for and installation of a 10,000-liter cistern (aljibe) beneath our garage, widening our front doorway, constructing a decorative brick arch around it, plus replacing the door itself and painting the exterior of the house. Mr. Millán also redesigned our front patio to our exact specifications.

Throughout the project, my wife and I found Mr. Millán to be a creative, honest and reliable partner, always accommodating and eager to please.

We plan to do more work on the house in the future--this time, in the interior--and intend to use Mr. Millán again. Based on our experience, and the experience of our friend in La Floresta, my wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Millán’s services to others.

Don Kowet.